Home Cinema System

A flat panel TV will add both elegance and style to your living room, displaying your films and TV programs on a picture frame-thin display.

Modern High Definition TVs will give you up to 4 times the amount of information that cathode ray televisions (CRTs) do.

An AV amp/speaker combination will envelope you in sound, drawing you into the movie producing sounds to a high standard. Feel like your favourite action hero, with bullets and explosions whizzing past your ears, or like a regular at the pub in your preferred soap opera – soak up the atmosphere, the sounds of the jukebox and background chat. Be a part of the crowd at an international sporting event without leaving your armchair as the noises of the terraces or arena surround you.

So, which one to choose ?

You can purchase separates; an amp, a set of speakers (2, 4 or 6), plus a sub-woofer etc., or you can buy an all-in-one box set up which will have all of the components included.

The difference ?? Mainly price, but more probably sound quality.

The all-in-one box systems are very good, and can complete quite well with true separates, but to decide on which system, then you need to listen to a few different systems to see which sounds best.

Some stores may even bring a selection of systems to your home and see what sounds the best in situ.

To connect your Home Cinema system (HCS) to your Home Theatre PC (HTPC), you either connect the HDMI out on the HTPC to the HDMI in on your HCS, and then connect that to your TV via HDMI.

If your Home Cinema system doesn’t have HDMI in/out connections, then connect the HDMI from the HTPC to your TV, and then connect the digital S/PDIF out to your Home Cinema system.

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