Home Theatre PC

A Home Theatre PC (HTPC) is a device that combines some or all the capabilities of a personal computer with a software application that supports video, photo, and music playback, and sometimes digital video recorder and time shifting functionality.

In recent years, other types of consumer electronics, including gaming systems and dedicated media devices have crossed over to manage video and music content.

The term “media centre” also refers to specialized application software designed to run on standard personal computer.

Many people take digital photos, either from a camera, or a camera phone.

These need to be stored somewhere, and displayed probably somewhere else.

Storing of these on either a HTPC, or another location (see Storage), so that they can then be viewed on your HDTV in your lounge.

Similarly, music can be stored and played in the same way as videos.

So, as you can see, a HTPC can become the focal point of a home, and be used for many modern-day digital uses.

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