OK, so you want a Home Theatre system, but don’t yet have the HD TV* to view it on.

Which one should you buy ??

Well, that can only be answered by yourself, depending on budget, size of the room you intending installing it into.

Also, you need to consider if you want LCD, Plasma, LED or even 3D**.

All major TV manufacturers make make various types and sizes, so if you have a preference, check out their websites.

To connect a HTPC to your TV, then the must-have connection on the TV is a HDMI connection.

To work out the size of TV you could have in your room, use the following guide:

Viewing Distance (Feet) Min Size (Inches) Maz Size (Inches)
4 19 32
6 26 46
8 32 63
10 40 80
12 46 96
14 52 112

As a rule of thumb, if the TV you choose is less that 40″, then you may be better off with an LCD type TV.

If however you can go bigger, say between 42 and 60 inches, then you can choose between a plasma, LED, or even a rear-projection sets.

When you have chosen which TV suits your needs, and budget, go and view in a store, but make sure that it has been set up correctly.

Ask the sales staff if the TV has been ISF calibrated.

If it hasn’t, then try and find another store that has had it calibrated, as not matter what a non-calibrated TV has playing on it, it will not look as good as a calibrated one.

A popular HTPC 3D system is the new Asrock Vision 3D Series.

*A HD Ready TV may not be a Full HD TV. An easy way to check, is if the screen resolution is 1920 pixels (wide) by 1080 (high), then it is Full HD. If it is less than that, then it is only HD Ready and you won’t receive the Full HD experience.

**If you intend purchasing a 3D TV, then you may wish to purchase a 3D compatible Home Theatre system as well.

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